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All about the Bike

The users of our sportswear form a very special group, where everyone is exceptional and unique. The bicycles we ride are so different from each other that the presence of two wheels is often their only common feature. Show others your individuality – with entire surface of a jersey. Whose jersey is the most interesting, original, or weird? You can design it by yourself or use a bit of our help.


Our offer covers all types of clothes used in cycling and other disciplines – from Jerseys and longsleeves, through shorts of any length, to jackets, vests, caps, legs, etc. We also manufacture among others clothes for rollerskating, running, cross-country skiing, and many other disciplines. We dress amateurs and professionals, including national teams in a number of disciplines.



For users who actively spend their time and offer at very affordable prices


For amateurs and pros where we can find high quality products at an affordable price


Best quality and parameters for pro team and advanced user

Our pads feature superior aerodynamic fit and hi performance technology. Comfort and elasticity are granted by yhe finest fabric with excellent transpiration, quick-drying and moisture expulsion quality. High density foams, shaped thru 3X technology and shock absorbtion technology ensure maximum protection.

Before you place an order

Products and quantities

Collect information about products that will be ordered and quantities
The price depends on the quantity and the minimum amount is five pieces per product


Think about whether you will do the project on your own or through our graphics. Think about how to place logos on a shirt that are important to you and must be put on your outfit

Delivery time

It depends on what period the order is placed and the delivery time is determined individually.

That is why we encourage you to plan your order much earlier