About Us

Quest was founded in the early 1980s.

Our adventure with the production of clothing began with equipping mountaineers with clothing and sleeping bags during one of the first large expeditions to Annapurna.

Until 2003, we produced so-called fashion clothing. In 2004, we decided to provide innovative and alternative clothing for cyclists and other athletes.

We pride ourselves on creating unique, individualistic clothes that combine fluid form and functionality. We have gained a reputation for our uncompromising quality, unique design and a constant desire to celebrate cycling.

Designed in Jelenia Góra. Ridden all over the world.

We have our own machine park. From design to final product.

Design Office

Think about your needs and expectations. Plan where to place important logotypes. Make the design by yourself or order design at our designers office. Our design team is built of creative and experienced graphic designers. Each of them cares for details and approaches design with passion, while maintaining the latest standards and trends. We encourage you to design your graphics at our design office.

Cutting Room

Our cutting room is equipped with modern machines, thanks to which the laying and laser cutting as well as mechanical cutting of the material is fully automated, and specialized top-class software allows us to obtain very high quality and huge repeatability, in contrast to manually operated machines and companies using classic production methods .

Print House

The printing house works on the highest quality inks, in sublimation technique. In addition to the full range of CMYK colors, we also print on three additional fluo colors, which allows you to get the original most expressive and vivid colors of the products. For the ideal working conditions of printers and the highest precision of prints, air quality is constantly monitored. The temperature and humidity are constant 24 hours a day at any time of the year. All this allows us to get the best print quality and repeatability in color reproduction.


Sublimation, commonly known as transferring, involves placing individual elements of the material on transfer paper, printed with previously prepared graphics. Then, under the influence of high temperature, the graphics are transferred to the material. The press immediately impregnates the fabric, leaving vivid and deep colors. For sublimation we use the highest class, very accurate Monte Antonio presses.

Sewing Room

Our sewing Rooms have the most modern machinery park, which allows us to create products with an impeccable finish. Such a high quality finish of our products is also obtained thanks to modern technologies of gluing materials, but all above thanks to qualified and experienced staff.

Quality Control

Our quality control department focuses on controlling cut-out patterns and sewn, ready-made products. His tasks include quality control of designs at the stage of design and production as well as analysis of quality problems based on the results of inspections and customer complaints. Quick resolution of quality problems allows us to effectively provide guidance to other production departments and suppliers of fabrics, materials and accessories used by our company.

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