Jersey S/S LEADER ♂

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Premium T-shirt made of several types of materials.
The panels on the shoulders and the front part are made of patented material “STONE” with 3 properties, made by a Swiss manufacturer. Back pockets tightly fitted to the figure to keep them as little as possible from the back line. The end of the pocket is made in technoogi taping, so they do not have seams. In addition, the material has been properly spun, thanks to which it has aerodynamic properties, tested in a wind tunnel. The bottom puller is made of 2 parts.
The front part is made of rubber tape, glued with silicone.
The back part is made of proprietary tape signed SWEAT MUD ROAD with a height of 5cm with special rigidity, so that the shirt adheres well to the figure.

Active Silver® is a modern fabric finish based on natural silver salts. It limits the occurrence of unpleasant body odors, inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria, mites and fungi that cause odors. This ensures that the fabrics remain hygienically fresh.
To ensure long-term, reliable and wash-resistant functionality, silver salts are permanently anchored to the fabric surface by a special process. As a result, active silver ™ fabrics stay reliably and hygienically fresh longer, making the fabric even more comfortable to wear. Active Silver ™ does not affect the natural skin flora.

Knitted fabric E1 absorbs sweat and transfers it from the body without drying the skin. Like the second skin, they provide physical comfort due to their skin-friendly properties, hygiene and freedom of movement, offering exceptional wearing comfort.

Basic properties
– good moisture management
– high breathability
– high and durable elasticity
– skin friendly
– light
– high level of comfort

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