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Should the cycling vest be more waterproof or windproof?

We asked this question to ourselves. We did not find a definite answer, which is why we have created a vest that equally protects the user from wind and water.

The innovative Robin®fabric combined with the elastic Spider® mesh which dry faster than different kinds of mesh on the side panels and at the back allow it to fit any body type.

The 3 large back pockets accommodate many items needed for longer trips. We decided to finish sleeves piping in a classic way and use soft lycra.

In this way, the user can be sure that the sensation around the shoulders will be pleasant and will not betray the body on it.

The cover at the bottom of the zipper will prevent mud from getting into it.

  • Robin® fabric and Spider® mesh
  • Full length zipper with cover at the bottom
  • Comfortable fit
  • 3 rear pockets big pockets
  • 14°-20°C / 58°-68°F
  • Weight: 120g


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