Pro Jersey S/S ♂

A great solution for cyclists who expect more and more from cycling clothing…

The main assumption when we were creating this product was the thought: „give something for professionals but comfortable for any body type”.

Pro Jersey was created from four types of Italian material. Each element of our body reacts differently to why the material must be adjusted so that it fulfills its role.

Durable Time Out® on the back, mesh on the side panels and Bicimania®. Jersey is finished on the front with a carbon fiber tape cut into the shape of a bow and silicone rubber on back guarantee that this shirt fits better and holds better while riding.

The sleeves are laser cut with glued  siliconed in inside and collar has been made in such a way that it does not cause discomfort on the neck.

  • Combination of four different fabric
  • Laser cut sleeves and Tape with carbon fibres on front
  • Silicone gripper elastic at back of waist and side panels
  • Full length zipper
  • 18°-32°C / 65°-90°F
  • Weight: 128g


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