Pro Winter Jacket ♀

We created this product from Everest® material – a 3-layer insulated construction with air permeability provides the best combination of warmth, breathability and lightness chosen by many known teams from around the world.

For the back and side panels, we decided to use S043® fabric to increase as much as we can, draining excess moisture from the body.

We took into account that autumn and winter days are one of the shortest in the year, and the darkness falls quickly, which is why we’ve added two large reflective stripes on 3 open back pockets, ensuring proper visibility for the user.

We are sure that you’ll love this product.

  • Everest® fabric – a 3-layer insulated construction
  • S043® fabric for draining excess moisture more than ever
  • 3 rear pockets with reflective straps
  • Thermal side panels for extra streatch and ventilation
  • 0°-10°C / 32°-50°F


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