Pure Black is a modern day, tech-rich update on the historic cycling jerseys of the sixties. As you follow your eyes past the neck and towards the shoulder, the altered construction gives rise to the collection’s historic roots. The set-in sleeve is a method of sleeve construction that is a nod to the Anquetil – Merckx – Hinault era.

This method provides a far more elegant finish to the garment than the present day construction.

Designed and developed in Poland, utilising the finest European materials.

Range Story.

Designed and developed in Poland, utilising the finest European materials, the Pure Collection takes you places. The Collections styling pays testament to the beauty, heritage and prevailing trends in cycling. Its inspiration derives from the loops we ride locally and the journeys that take us further afield. The people we meet. The places we go.

The jersey is constructed with a breathable, high-stretch, sweat-wicking fabric.

Feel the difference.

Pure Collection features brand new garments designed to respond to the changing temperatures. Like the creepy guy at the office, hot and cold weather changes are an all too familiar occurrence for cyclists the world over. But the beauty of these all-new ultralight Pure jerseys is that they can cope with radical shifts in climate and help to regulate body temperature and transfer moisture away from the skin on both boiling hot and freezing cold days. This is truly for your all day. Your everyday.